LANG wedding picture

The bridal couple's name may be LANG .

Photographer:   F CRAMER
WEIDEN Oberpfalz Bayern  Germany

Important Notice: Due to a new full work schedule, I will be unable to add any more mystery photographs to my site. However, any updates to previous pages will be made. Thanks for your continued support of this site. M.A.

        Welcome! This website is dedicated to old photographs from the past. The people depicted on these photographs are mysteries to me. Do you recognize anyone? Are they related to you? If you can identify them as part of your family of ancestors, you will make a lot of people happy!

       Most of these photographs are from folks who have asked me if they could include some of their mystery photographs on my site. You can see that the site has grown tremendously because of them.

       You will see e-mail links on the pages for those people who have sent in a particular photograph. Thus you can contact them directly with your questions and suggestions. Maybe some of these mysteries can be solved!

       Before you begin your journey into the past, do yourself a favor and take time to read the compelling words written by Karen Arbogast who shares my love of old photos. The title is    "Long Live Old Photos!"

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