Is this a Mr. Ashmore or Mr. Durant of South Carolina?

Ashmore family?

Could this be a member of the ASHMORE or DURANT Families?

This gentleman has been identified as the Rev. William Lee Ballard, born 11/08/1814 in Lincoln County, NC. He died 02/19/1878 in Fork Shoals, SC. He was pastor of Fork Shoals Baptist Church in Pelzer, SC in the mid 1800's and was married to Jemima Whitney (1818-1891).

       This photograph was sent by Carolyn HEFFNER of Belmont, N.C. She believes this gentleman is a member of the ASHMORE or DURANT Families of South Carolina. He appears to be wearing a wig and the clothing might be helpful in identiying the time period.

       This photograph on glass was found among the belongings of Carolyn's grandmother. It is framed with a brass mat that has begun to tarnish and the glass is shattered and has some spots on it. The frame is sealed.

       If anyone has any info about the ASHMORE or DURANT Families or can give any advice about repairing this shattered glass photograph, please contact Carolyn at this address.


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