Who was Dr. John Samuel Stockwell?


       Sue found this interesting wallet-sized photograph clipped to a business card at an antique mall in southern Ohio. On the back of the photo is written information about Dr. John Samuel STOCKWELL.

stockwell back

       The information on the back of the photograph reads: "Dr. John Samuel STOCKWELL, son of John and Nancy CHAMBERS STOCKWELL. Born - . Hanover College. Hanover, Indiana. M. D. Rush Medical College, Chicago. Intern, Cook County Hospital, Chicago. Died Charlestown 1909 or 10."

Stockwell business card

The business card reads:
"Office: 70 Monroe Street, S.W. Cor. State St. Room 18. Hours: 12:30-3 p.m. Telephone 2480"

"Residence: 3560 Vincennes Ave. House: until 9 a.m. After 6 p.m. Telephone 9804."

Is Dr. STOCKWELL your ancestor? Please contact Sue at this address.


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