Do you recognize this young soldier who was drawn in India sometime between 1942-1945 by Cpl. Layton H. Wicksten?

drawn by Wicksten

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This drawing was sent by Linda WICKSTEN whose late father-in-law was stationed in India during WWII at a base under the command of Col. Frank HACKETT called "The Depot" or "The Bengal Air Depot" near Agra, India.

Linda's father-in-law, Cpl. Layton H. WICKSTEN was an artist. One day, he saw a soldier sitting at the airstrip waiting for his plane. The young man was not stationed at the Depot, but was on his way to wherever he was stationed. Cpl. WICKSTEN did this drawing of the young man but never learned who the soldier was.

Linda has been trying for years to find out the identity of this young stranger. She believes this soldier might still be alive; but if not, she would like to give the drawing to his family. Perhaps someone who knows this soldier will see this and contact her.

If you recognize this soldier or have any questions about the drawing, please contact Linda at the following address.

Linda WICKSTEN (that's LL13)

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