Are Either of These Two Men Seaborn Jackson Fullilove II?

unknown fullilove

These photos of unknown men, possible FULLILOVE family members, are from a collection of photos owned by William Spann FULLILOVE of Carrollton, Carroll County, GA. William is a descendant of Henry Marshall FULLILOVE I. One of these men could be Seaborn Jackson FULLILOVE II (1848-1907). There is no information on the photo regarding the studio or date.

unknown fullilove man

These photographs were sent by Jim FULLILOVE who believes the men likely lived near Athens, GA, in Clark or Oconee Counties. Possible surnames for these men are: FULLILOVE, CARLTON, THRASHER, JACKSON, ARMSTRONG, ELDER, PERDUE or DOBBS.

Please contact Jim if you can can identify these men or have further questions.


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