Who is this Goodrich Family of Chicago?

Goodrich family

Old tintype of Goodrich Family

~ Tentatively identified by Derick S. HARTSHORN who believes this is Ida E. HARTSHORN, who was born in 1859 to James and Maria BISBEE HARTSHORN. She married Chauncy W. GOODRICH, who was born 1856. ~ If you can add to this information, please contact Karolyn. ~

       This old tintype was sent by Karolyn WITTE. There is an inscription on the back which says: "Goodrich Family to Cousin Adolph's Annie from your Chicago Cousin Ida."


Photographer:   E.M. ATKINS
859 N. Clark St.
Opp. Lincoln Pk. Museum

       If you have any idea of the names of the people in this photo,
please contact Karolyn WITTE at the following e-mail address:

Karolyn Witte

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