Is this a member of the Bogdanski Family of Poland and Orange County, NY?


~ A Bogdanski ancestor in uniform ~

~Tentatively identified as Francis (Frank) J. Bogdanski~
Contact Anita Taylor for more information.

       This photo was sent by Anita TAYLOR who is trying to discover exactly which BOGDANSKI ancestor this man in military uniform is. She believes that he is her mother-in-law's paternal grandfather. Her mother-in-law was Mary BOGDANSKI. Anita writes that the BOGDANSKI family was one of the many Polish immigrants who settled in the part of Orange County, NY known as the "black dirt" area, in the town of Pine Island.

       As for the photograph itself, several interesting details strike the eye. Is this person a member of the Prussian army since the photograph was taken in Königsberg? Or Since the BOGDANSKIs were Polish, is this man in the Polish military?

       Secondly, there is an additional name written on the back of the photo near the top (in addition to the BOGDANSKI name that Anita wrote). It appears to be something like "Lanisher- - -" but she could not be certain. Does this ring a bell with anyone?

back of photo

~ Back of photo with unreadable name near top of photo ~

Photographer:   P. ROSENOW
Münzstrasse 15
Königsberg, Prussia

       If you can shed any light on this person,
please contact Anita TAYLOR at the following e-mail address:

Anita Taylor

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