~ What happened to Charles G. Harrison? ~

Charles G. Harrison

       This photo was sent by Kaye DAWSON, who writes that her family would like to find out what happened to Charles G. HARRISON, their great-great Grandfather. He was born on December 6, 1859 in South Carolina (as far as can be confirmed) to John HARRISON (born about 1832) and Susan ? (born about 1840).

       Charles married Martha (Mattie) Agnes ISOM on January 23, 1884 by Rev. WHITE of Rockhill, SC. They had one daughter, Lula Elizabeth HARRISON. While she was still an infant, Charles left South Carolina for Texas (October 15, 1885) to look for work and was never heard from again.

       Mattie and Lula stayed with Charles' parents for some time waiting for word from him, but when he failed to return or contact her, she took Lula and went with her brother to Texas. She later divorced Charles and no one ever heard from him again.

If anyone recognizes Charles HARRISON's photo, please contact Kaye at the following e-mail address:


She and the family want very much to know what happened to their great-great-Grandfather.

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