~ Are you related to these Richters? ~

mother and sisters

~ Otto RICHTER's mother and two sisters. Their names are unknown. ~

Otto's mother has been identified as Marie Sophie MARLIES RICHTER. The older sister is Johanne Sophie Dorothea Caroline RICHTER. The younger sister is Marie Sophie Louise RICHTER.

       Cora McDONNELL sent these photographs to be identified. She writes:

My grandfather was Otto Frederick RICHTER, born 16 August 1864 at ?, Germany. He died 7 December 1908 in Memphis, TN. Letters from his brother, mother and two sisters left behind in Germany were discarded because no one could read the German script. In fact I don't know the given names of these relatives, only that they are "Poppa's brother, mother and sisters."

Otto RICHTER was baptized in Colbe (now Kalbe-Milde) in Sachsen Anhalt.


       "This photograph was taken by a studio in Magdeburg, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany. It is a wedding picture of Otto's brother and bride. I think that the wedding was in Magdeburg, because another photo of the bride, in a German type costume, was made in Magdeburg. Maureen Taylor analyzed this wedding photograph on the Family Tree Magazine site ~ www.familytreemagazine.com/photos/sept5-00.

       She thinks it was made about 1890 from the fashion of their clothes. I think it is somewhat unusual to see formal wedding dress in this time period. The brother also served as a Hussar, for we had another photo of him in uniform. Unfortunately, I don't have that picture."

The groom in the photo could be either of Otto RICHTER's 4 brothers: August Friedrich Wilhelm or Johannes Gottlieb August or August Otto or Gustav Adolf.

Otto's sister

       "This photograph is Otto's older sister, her husband and young children.

This older sister was Johanne Sophie Dorothea Caroline RICHTER.

This photo was taken in Gardelegen, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany. Sorry, I don't know their given names. From another photo we've determined that the young son became a Hussar, stationed near Hannover, Germany sometime about 1900."

If anyone has more information about this RICHTER family or have any questions about the pictures, please contact Cora at the following e-mail address:


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