~ Can you identify the first wife of Adam Lasker/Laskowski? ~

eleanor's grandparents

John DVORAK sent this photo of his great grandfather, Adam LASKER / LASKOWSKI and his unknown first wife and children. Adam was from Brooklyn NY and married his first wife in an unknown location, perhaps in New York. The photo was labeled "Eleanor's grandparents" so John is assuming the children are Eleanor's aunt and uncle. John believes one of the children is Anastasia LASKOWSKI.

John has learned that his great grandfather, Adam LASKOWSKI, lived in Brooklyn, NY. Adam's father was Joseph LASKOWSKI and his mother was Anna WEGELIEWSKI.

The children in the photo are both girls. Anastasia (Nettie) and Augusta (Gussie). The elder of the two was born in Poland/Germany. Adam came to America with this daughter and then married Martha (John Dvorak's great grandmother). Gussie and Nettie, as well as John's grandmother worked in a jute plant in New York.

Adam later married John's great grandmother, Martha KLUG or KLUK (1874-1962) of Maspeth, NY. The marriage took place in Brooklyn, NY. Adam died in 1914 of cancer of the intestines at age 43. Adam's death certificate can be seen below.

Adam LASKOWSKI's death certificate

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