~ Do you recognize these Greenlee or Wert Family Members? ~

bearded man

Steve GORDENIER sent these photographs to be identified. They are all tintypes and were found in the GREENLEE - WERT family album. Both families intermarried and by the last 20 years of the 19th century, many of their descendants ended up in Washington and Burt Counties, Nebraska.

older woman

The GREENLEEs and WERTs were born in Belmont County, Ohio and Steve believes all of these people fit somewhere in the family chain.

unknown young girl

This album was last owned by Steve's mother-in-law, Evelyn WERT ZUERLEIN who was the granddaughter of Richard WERT and Laura Belle GREENLEE. She said that the album was passed to her by her mother, Kate Schmidt WERT SALTZMAN in Nebraska. Richard WERT was reportedly born in Warren, Ohio in January 1854. Laura Belle GREENLEE was born in January 1860 in Ohio.

unknown small girl

If anyone has any questions about the pictures or can identify any of these people, please contact Steve at the following e-mail address:


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