~ What happened to the Karl Stöhr Family of Czechoslovakia after WWII? ~

Stoehr family

Lukas KRAKORA of Prague has been searching for this family for 2 years with no luck. The Karl STÖHR family were Sudeten Germans who lived in the Kokorin Valley in Czechoslovakia during World War II. This area was called the Protectorate of Böhmen and Mahren during that period. The STÖHR family lived in the village of Albertsthal bei Woleschno in the Dauba region.

Both young men in the picture were killed on the Russian front. The one without the uniform was Adolf. The third child, Johanna STÖHR could still be alive. The mother is seated on the left.

Lukas has learned that Johanna, the last survivor of this family, died in 1993. To learn more about the search for this woman and of her sad story, please contact Lukas at his address below.

If you have any information or texts about pre-war life in Kokorintal (Kokorschiner Tal)-District of Dauba or historical photographs or postcards of the area (especialy from the community of Wolleschno), please contact Lukas KRAKORA at


By sharing these documents, you will help to revive the history of the German population in those mentioned areas...

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