Mystery Photographs from the Widenmann File
Navy and History Museum
Vallejo, CA


Woman with envelope or postcard in her hand

Photographer:   LEWIS, The City Artist
First Floor over Express Office
Huron Street
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Photo is undated.


Woman in long, dark dress

Broadway & Tenth Street
New York City

Date unknown

       These photographs were also sent by ROBERT J. WIDENMANN.

       The photograph of the woman in the long, dark dress was found in a photo album once belonging to Robert's paternal grandmother, nee Albertine SEILER-LEMCKE, whose father may have been from Bremen, Germany.

       This undated photograph had the words "Herren Joseph Hirsch" written on the reverse side.

       Robert notes: "I know of no one living who would be able to identify these or any of the others that I have, so my only hope is that someone 'out there' might have a duplicate with name attached."

       These two mystery photos are among a collection of more than 200 Widenmann photographs preserved in the museum.

If you can help to identify these people or have questions for Robert,
please contact him at the following e-mail address:

Robert Widenmann

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