~ Are you related to the man on this memorial card? ~
Great-great-grandpa GRADY

memorial card

~ Joseph K. Grady ~
Born: November 15, 1829
Died: August 10 1908
78 yrs, 8 mos, 25 days

The inscription says:

"It is sad that one we cherish,
Should be taken from our home
But the joys that do not perish,
Live in memory alone.
All the years we've spent together,
All the happy golden hours
Shall be cherished in remembrance,
Fragrant sweets from mem'ry's flowers."

       These photos were contributed by Glenn CRAWFORD. The top one is the memorial card of his great-great-grandfather, Joseph K. GRADY who lived in the Macon County Missouri area. Joseph's daughter, Annie (Annabelle) GRADY married Jefferson Davis CRAWFORD in 1884. They were Glenn's great-grandparents.

old Gradys

       Could this be a photograph of Great-Great-Grandpa and Grandma Grady? Sure looks like the same man on the memorial card. Does anyone have any clues about these folks?

grady clan

       This may be a photo of the GRADY clan. Could that be old Grandpa GRADY sitting in the midst of his family? Glenn would like to know more about Joseph K. GRADY. Can you help?

If you recognize this family
please contact Glenn at the following e-mail address:

Glenn Crawford

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