Who are these prominent Philadephia men?

Gutekunst subjects

Who could this group of prominent men be?

Photographer:   GUTEKUNST
1700 North Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA

       This photograph was sent by Bub KNAPP, who found it among his grandfather's things when he died during the 1970's. His grandfather collected antiquities and probably found this framed photograph. Perhaps he recognized some of the people in it. Gutekunst, the photographer was considered one of the best photographers of his time and had two studios in Philadelphia.

       The men in the photograph appear to be wealthy and prominent. Perhaps they are members of an engineering, scientific or medical group. Bud Knapp is attempting to identify the group and the men therein.

If anyone can shed some light on this photograph
or can identify any of the men pictured,
please contact Bud at this address.


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