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Joseph & Priscilla Clark

~ Joseph CLARK and his wife Priscilla MILLER CLARK ~

       This is Joseph Clark (b. 1834 Newburg Oh) and his wife Priscilla Miller Clark (b.1841 Bridgewater Pa). Joseph's father was, we think, Daniel Clark (b. unk yr. Isle of Man) who was impressed into the British Navy (poss. when British took over Isle of Man) and jumped ship in America and stayed. Daniel had a brother or poss. another son named Adam Clark who could have been Joseph's father. We're not sure.

       Joseph and Priscilla's children were Norman, b. 1859, Willoughby OH, Baby who only lived 10 days, John (b. 1865, Geneva MI) and Charles Miller Clark (b. 1871.Geneva MI)

       Norman was also called Pete as a nickname. He helped run the Clark Mill in Lakota MI with his father and uncles, etc. The Mill is still in operation in Lakota, "Clark and Son". Some of the great great grandsons run the Mill now which is primarily a country & feed store.

       Norman's son John Leon Clark added an e on his last name when he was in the Merchant Marines in the 1920's so that another John Clark would not keep getting his mail and pay. He had two sisters. The youngest was Ione and she went off with his mother when she was about two when the mother left the family to divorce and marry another man. John was raised by his mother's family in Michigan. Their last name was possibly Blair. (Altho some sources say Von Mueller). We do not know her name or her second husband's name at this point.

       John Leon Clark(e) had two children: John Edward Clarke and Dorothy Priscilla Clarke Erickson. They were born in Michigan. John's descendents: son Ted and his family--Kalamazoo Michigan. Dtr. Sandra Clarke Schairer and husband live in New Mexico. Her children live in various locations.

       Norman's brother Charles "Uncle Charlie" had a son Joseph "Joe" Clark who had three daughters. They live in Michigan, oldest the old family house. It has been declared a historical site and has a plaque in the front yard stating it has been owned by the same family for over a hundred years. Last we heard the old house was also a "bed and breakfast".

       If anyone has any info about Daniel, Adam or Joseph Clark and the Isle of Man ancestors, please contact us at


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