Searching for Information about the Hagn and Bayerlein Families of Munich

Hagn/Bayerlein family

~ HAGN and BAYERLEIN Families of Munich ~

       This photo was sent by Richard SCHWEGLER. The HAGN and BAYERLEIN families were tailors from Munich. These names may be ~ maiden names ~ within this family photograph.

       As can be seen at the bottom of the photo, the date was 1916 and the photograph was sent from Munich, Bavaria, Germany. It is believed that this was the last exchange of family photos prior to the entrance of the U.S. into WW1. Apparently there was no more contact after the war.

photographer's logo

       The picture above is the back of the photograph showing the photographer's very fancy logo.

C. Sanna, Photographer
Gärtnerplatz 4

       If you can shed any light on the HAGN and BAYERLEIN families
please contact Richard at the following e-mail address:

Richard Schwegler

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