Did Maria Ursula Uschold leave Germany for America in 1844-1845?

maria uschold

Linda K. CALHOON sent this old tintype of her ancestor, Maria Ursula USCHOLD, who was born in Altenstadt, Bavaria in May 2, 1821. Maria is listed with her brother, Johann Baptist, as receiving permission to leave Bavaria on the list of Vohenstrauss emigrants for 1844-1845.

No trace has been found of her in Germany or the USA after 1844. Did she remain in Germany? Did she marry on board ship or in another state before reaching Wisconsin, Iowa or Minnesota where many of the other families related to the USCHOLDs migrated?


Linda wrote the following account of how she eventually found her information.

"I wanted to tell you about a little success story thanks to your web site. A couple of years ago I submitted a picture of Maria Ursula USCHOLD (1821). I'd been searching for her for 5 years at that time. In May of 2004, I received an email from a genealogy researcher in Canada who had seen the picture and asked me simply if she could have gone to Canada. In subsequent emails she told me about a woman she had run across in St. Clements parish, Wellesley Township, Ontario.

I quickly posted a note on the rootsweb section for Ontario, listing her married name of DIEBOLD. Within a month I was contacted by her great granddaughter, and we have a positive identification.

When you think about it, finding a woman from that time period is really similar to finding a needle in a haystack. You can search, but you almost have to wait until it sticks you. Marriage records were always listed under the groom's name; naturalization and immigration records were not kept for women... just a really difficult search.

Thank you for your help."

If you have any comments about this wonderful story about Maria Ursula USCHOLD,
please contact Linda CALHOON at this address.

Linda C.

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