Is this little boy related to Charles T. Johnson of Aransas Pass, Texas?

Johnson son?

Minnie HILLIS REAGOR writes that this old black and white 8x10 photo of a young boy was found in Aransas Pass, Texas. The boy appears to be 5 or 6 years old and may have 2 finger tips missing on his left hand. He is dressed in a white "sailor suit" and has blondish hair. The photo is in bad shape but still visible.

Found with the photo was a postcard billing from Texas United Life & Casualty Co. of San Antonio, Texas, postmarked Dec. 27, 1946, addressed to Charles T. JOHNSON, Box 433, Aransas Pass, Texas. Minnie feels that this person must be related to the young boy.

If anyone knows of a JOHNSON family who lived in a house on the property of "Snug Harbor" Trailer Court in Aransas Pass, Texas in the late 1970's-early 1980's (when this photo was found), this photo probably belongs to them!

If you recognize this child, please contact Minnie at the following e-mail address and place "Charles JOHNSON" in the subject line.


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