Are this couple Tates or O'Shields from East Point, Georgia?


Dayna COHEN McMULLEN writes that this photograph was found in the home of her grandmother, Mary Nell (TATE) RICHTER after her death in April 2002. If the couple are indeed relatives from her side of the family, the surnames are TATE or O'SHIELDS and they are probably from the Atlanta, Georgia area.

Dayna believes that the couple could be Jeremiah and Amanda (DYER) TATE of East Point, Georgia or Harvey and Martha Catherine (FAGAN) O'SHIELDS.

And indeed, this couple has been identified as Jeremiah Thomas TATE (October 12, 1856 - June 26, 1926) and his wife, Amanda Louisa DYER TATE (May 24, 1859 - August 28, 1926). She was the daughter of David and Eliza DYER of Monroe County, Georgia. Jeremiah was a dairyman in East Point, Georgia and was the son of Willis TATE and his wife, Matilda Melinda WARE of Monroe County and then later of East Point, Fulton County, Georgia.

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