Trying to locate the grandchildren of Berel Jona Tartazky or Mania Tartazki - in Boston?

berel tartazky

Melnik HAVA sent these lovely photographs and is interested in locating the grandchildren of Berea or his daughter, Mania. Berea Jona TARTAZKY was born in 1864 in Poland. He came to the USA on February 29, 1912 with his daughter, Mania (Mina). The group may have also included his wife, Mame and other possible children, Matilda (1893), Joachim (1901) and Aron (1903).

mania tartazki

This woman is Mania TARTAZKI. She studied in Warsaw, Poland before she and her father came to the USA. When they arrived, they gave the address of Lou REICHMAN in New York. Berel Jona was Melnik's father's uncle. There is a possiblilty that this family lived in Boston for awhile.

If anyone has any information about this family, please contact


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