Could this be a McELVANY or a WASHBURN?

McElvany or Washburn

~ Michelle WHITE writes: "Our mystery lady is identified! Her name is Susan Ada JACKSON. Susan's father is John L. JACKSON and mother is Eliza E. FLETCHER." ~

Is this a photograph of Eliza Jane McELVANY, daughter of John T. & Malinda McELVANY? Eliza Jane married James E. SHAW and was the mother of Mattie Anna SHAW WASHBURN, born January 11, 1896 in Choctaw County, MS.

Mattie Anna SHAW married Bruster WASHBURN who were the parents of Dorothy Faye WASHBURN who died in November 1997. Dorothy was the mother of Vickye WHITE, who sent this photograph.

- OR -

Could this be Susan Ada JACKSON WASHBURN, born in 1871 in Montgomery County, Arkansas, the daughter of William H. & Elizabeth JACKSON. Susan Ada married John Andrew WASHBURN in December 1888 in Garland County, Arkansas.

She was the mother of a number of children including Vickye's grandfather, Bruster WASHBURN who was born October 1891 in Hot Spring, Arkansas. Susan Ada died in Ladonia, Texas in 1914.

This photograph belongs to
who found this photograph in her mother's purse after her death.

If you can identify this woman,
please contact Vickye at the following e-mail address:

Vickye White

Photographer:   Unknown

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