Is this Daisy (Nadine) Hardin(g), Harden, Hardy?

photo of a child

Karolyn WITTE believes this photograph is a picture of her mystery mother, Daisy or Nadine HARDIN(G), HARDEN or HARDY. Her mother claimed to have been born on April 18, 1918 in St. Louis MO. On the back of this photograph is written "Daisye at 12 months St. Joseph". The child looks like Karolyn's daughter and granddaughter did at the same age. She appears to have a deep tan or olive skin and blond hair and blue eyes.

group photo

The young girl in this photograph appears to be her mother also. The boy is her mother's brother Kenneth who was killed at Pearl Harbor. The older woman could be an older mother or a grandmother.

The little girl looks like Karolyn's sister and her niece at the same age. The boy appears to have red hair and looks like her nephew.

This photograph belongs to
who found this photograph among her mother's belongings.

If you can identify these people,
please contact Karolyn at the following e-mail address:

Karolyn Witte

Photographer:   Unknown

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