Do you know anything about Harry Ernest Stone?

Harry Stone

Larry E. STONE sent this photo of his grandfather. Larry writes:

       "For years I have been searching for information on my grandfather. He remains a family mystery. This is his picture. He went by the name of Harry Ernest STONE.

       Harry was killed when a horse threw him under a streetcar near New Albany, Franklin County, Ohio in 1910. He was approx. 35 at the time of his death. My grandmother, who passed away in 1942, was Alice 'Allie' WILLIAMSON and only 18 years old. I have recently learned that Harry may have named my father, now deceased, after his uncle. My father was Sylvester Ernest STONE.

       That is all we really know for sure about Harry and therefore nothing about his family. Cannot even be sure that this was his real name. He would never talk about his family. Census records of 1910 indicate that his father was from Pennsylvania and his mother and his place of birth as Ohio. Does anyone recognize this man? I hope so."

If you know anything about Harry Ernest STONE or have any questions about him,
please contact Larry at the following e-mail address.


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