Who and where are these Hodge Family members?

Hodge Twins

~ Linda's twin aunts ~
Only remembered by their nicknames: Baby and Babe


~ Linda's grandparents ~
Carl and Mary BROWN HODGE of Philadelphia and Detroit?

Linda DAVIS sent these photographs of her twin aunts, her paternal grandparents and her parents. She knows very little about them or about her ancestry. The twin girls were known only as Baby and Babe. The names of her grandparents were Carl HODGE and Mary BROWN HODGE. However, on her father's marriage certificate, his parents are listed as Bill and Irma HODGE.

hodge wedding

~ Wedding photo of Linda's parents ~
Frank Carl HODGE and Mary Eileen MATTER

Linda believes that her father, Frank Carl HODGE was born in Philadelphia, PA in 1928 and died in 1987. Her grandparents may have moved to Detroit, MI in the 1950's or 1960's. Her father left home in his teens and travelled with a carnival under the name of Walter BRONZEOLA. There he met Mary Eileen MATTER and married her. Linda has no other information about her family. Can you help her?

If you know anything about this HODGE Family or have any questions about them,
please contact Linda at the following e-mail address.


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