Gravestone of Nancy BANE


~ Who was Nancy Bane? ~

       I have received word from Jane WILLIAMSON that Nancy BANE is ~ Nancy BEELER/BEALOR ~ the wife of Jesse BANE.    The tombstone is probably in the BANE Family Cemetery outside Moundsville, Marshall County, WV.   Nancy BANE is Jane WILLIAMSON's 4-g grandmother!

  For more information about this family, please contact Mary Ann Allen at
and she will pass your questions along to the family.

       Linda Eggleston McBROOM has sent this gravestone photo along with the photo of the church after finding them in the throwaway bin at the Family History Center in Tacoma, Washington. They had been laying around for several years with no other identification.

       The inscription reads:
In Memory of Nancy Bane
Died Sept. 4, 1856
Aged 81 Yrs. & 16 Days
"My Father calls me to his arms
And willingly I go..."
(rest is unreadable)


       Does anyone have a clue about these photos? Does anyone recognize this church? There must be someone out there who had Nancy as an ancestor.

If you can help in identifying Nancy BANE,
please contact me at the following address:

Mary Ann Allen

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