Mariba BERRY's Old School

old school

~ Mariba Berry's Old School ~

       This old photograph has been laminated and on the back someone has written "Mariba Berry's old School". The photograph of the young woman below is unidentified except for the words "ca 1876-80". It is unknown whether these two photographs belong together. However the handwriting is similar and both look like they were written with the same pen.

young woman

       Could this young lady be Mariba Berry? These photos are the last in the series of photographs sent to me by Linda McBROOM. These were also rescued by her from the throwaway bin at the Family History Center in Tacoma, Washington where they had lain unidentified for many years. Are these photos from Washington State? No one knows. Do you?

If you can help in identifying Mariba Berry or her old school,
please contact me at the following address:

Mary Ann Allen

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