~ How do these people fit into Irene CRAWFORD's life? ~


~ Irene Hildegard (NELSON) CRAWFORD ~
Born: c. 1895
Died: 1919
Clovis, New Mexico

little Irene

       Are these photographs Irene as a child? Her mother died and her father remarried. Then her father died and her stepmother remarried. Are these people her real parents or her adopted parents?

unknown family

These photos were contributed by Glenn CRAWFORD.
Irene NELSON CRAWFORD was Glenn's grandmother.

unknown child

There is an inscription on the back of this photograph that says:
"To Irene from Genevieve" ~ Jan. 12, 1914.

Who is this child? Who was Genevieve?

If you recognize the child in this photograph or have information about Irene NELSON CRAWFORD
please contact Glenn at the following e-mail address:

Glenn Crawford

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