~ Looking for information about Esther M. Shuman ~
~ First wife of Robert Kennedy ~

Esther M. Shuman

~ Esther M. SHUMAN ~

       These photographs belong to Karolyn WITTE who is looking for information about her father's first wife, Esther M. SHUMAN. Locations and dates of these photos are unknown.

Kennedy-Shuman Wedding

       Karolyn believes the picture above was taken at the time of the marriage of her father, Robert KENNEDY and his first wife, Esther M. SHUMAN. Her father is the man in civilian clothes on the right. At the time, her father was in the Navy. However, Karolyn believes that he was able to marry in civilian clothes. The sailor on the left is not identified.

If you recognize Esther SHUMAN or Robert KENNEDY
please contact Karolyn at the following e-mail address:

Karolyn Witte

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